Jessica Simpson: Nick Lachey Wasn’t the ‘Right One’

Word to the not-so-wise, Jessica Simpson—yes it’s Cosmopolitan magazine, but that spirit of sisterhood doesn’t mean you can bash your ex.

The busty blonde covers the ladies’ rag this month, and opened up a bit too much (for the umpteenth time) about her divorce from pop star Nick Lachey.

“I’d always fall for guys I wanted to save,” Simpson said. “For the first time, [with Tony Romo] I fell in love with someone who saved me.”

Double whammy: implying that Nick couldn’t be helped while simultaneously praising the rescue skills of Tony Romo.

The story, however, seems to be that Lachey will always have a place in that country-fried heart of hers.

“Nick will always be a part of my life…but next time, I’m marrying the right one,” she said.