Justin Timberlake’s Political Pecs

Justin Timberlake was photographed on Election Day sporting a T-shirt with a gray scale image of the American flag.

The singer was obviously doing his part to inspire his fans (and even the paparazzi) to get off their asses and vote.

He also helped out democracy by appearing in this voting PSA in which he sarcastically acknowledged his political acumen due to being in a boyband.

Timberlake himself is reported to have cast his ballot at 7 a.m.

His girlfriend Jessica Biel wasn’t in sight, but her ride was. Timberlake was driving her car when the paps caught him.

It looks like those rumors about Biel being sore over Timberlake’s “chemistry” with cockatoo-haired singer Rihanna were just that. Either that, or Election Day trumps relationship discord.


Photos by David Kaminski /Splash News