Lindsay Lohan’s Life Lessons

Lindsay Lohan tells Extra in an interview airing tonight that her days of wild partying are firmly behind her.

She might want to put that on her resume.

“I watch a lot of TV. More than I’ve ever watched because I don’t go out every night,” she says. “There’s nothing that I really have to go out anymore for. I’m out with Samantha [Ronson] and she’s DJ-ing and so I am supporting her,” Lohan says.

You can guarantee that she’s probably taken Ugly Betty off the DVR after having her guest stint on the show cut short.

And, yes, no more of the booze and disco dust for Linds.

“I’ve learned my lesson at an early age and I am very thankful for that,” she says.

Now all she has to do is find a job. Standing beside girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s DJ booth can’t pay that much.