Oprah Leads the Charge at Obama Victory Celebration

One notable exception to the “no celebs” rule at Barack Obama’s victory party last night was Oprah Winfrey, who was crucial to campaigning for the Democratic nominee.

At the massive celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park last night, the talk-show host joine Reverrend Jesse Jackson in the flag-waving and cheering that marked the election of America’s 44th President.

“It feels like hope won,” Oprah exclaimed in an interview, the Daily Mail reports. “It feels like it’s not just a victory for,obviously, Barack Obama, it feels like America did the right thing. It feels like there’s a shift in consciousness.”

Though  many celebrities—including Ryan Phillippe and Brandon Routh—stumped for Obama, Oprah was early and vocal in her support for the Democrat, inviting him on her show and attending several rallies for him.