Power Agent’s Public Shame: Celeb-Centered Scandal!

Brad Pitt must be begging for a good old-fashioned breast feeding uproar right about now.

Page Six dropped the scandal this morning, outing a lawsuit between a power agent and assistant that’s placed high profile names like Jennifer Aniston, Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio in the crossfire.

Todd Shemarya, categorized as a “commercial agent” responsible for booking endorsements and acquiring cash for clients outside their crafts of acting or singing, is being sued by a former assistant for sexual harassment and other despicable acts.

And, this ain’t The Devil Wears Prada. We’re not dealing with spilt lattes and Oscar de la Renta. This is more…horse porn and jewelry theft.

Heather Devlin, the assistant, filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court that alleges Shemarya “created a hostile working environment by ‘parading naked’ in front of her, forcing her to take dictation as he used the bathroom, and exposing her to computer porn—including a woman with a horse.”

Not in your typical job description.

Devlin alleges Shemarya snagged a pair of vintage Cartier timepieces meant for Brad and Jen, and re-gifted them for a friend’s nuptials, as well as blasting client Djimon Hounsou’s girlfriend Kimora Lee Simmons as a “cheap dirty whore.”

Celebuzz understands that the disgruntled assistant routine and immoral agent shtick are both so prevalent as to be almost cliches.  But…

“Is [Shemarya] the type to do those things? Absolutely,” a source confides. “There’s truth to it, perhaps not all of it.”

Not all of it? What if we ask nicely?

Shemarya responded to the New York Post regarding the contents of the suit, saying, “These are false accusations. This is a disgruntled employee who I fired about a year ago. And now she’s trying to extort money.”

Celebuzz has contacted publicity reps for several of Shemarya’s clients for comment.