‘Sex and the City’: The Saga Continues

The Daily Mail reports that Kim Cattrall has confirmed that there will be a sequel to the blockbuster Sex and the City movie.

Whoo-hoo! Ladies, keep your Louboutins strapped on! It ain’t over yet!

“Samantha Jones” appeared on Britain’s The Paul O’Grady Show which was being hosted by recently snubbed Spice Gal Melanie Brown at the time, and broke the sexy news.

“Now will there be a sequel?,” Mel B. asked her.

“Yes there will.” Kim replied in the affirmative.

Kim must be making the right amount of bank. She was the one who reportedly held up the first film over salary isssues back in the day.

No word on the story as of yet. Carrie gets divorced, Samantha finally hits menopause, Charlotte loses her perkiness, and Miranda finally comes out of the closet?