Is Suri Cruise Getting a Baby Brother?

Suri Cruise’s interminable—okay, two years and counting—case of loneliness may be coming to an end soon.

OK! Magazine reports that the adults in Suri’s life—especially Tom Cruise’s ex wife, Nicole Kidman—are hoping that she’ll have a baby brother to share her stuffed-animal collection with.

Kidman says that 13-year-old Connor Kidman-Cruise—the son she adopted with Cruise during their marriage—is still hoping for a brother.

Since Nicole just gave birth to a daughter, Sunday Rose—and, at 41, she’s not likely to bear another child—the task falls to Cruise and his current wife, Katie Holmes.

“[Connor] would like one of us to have a boy,” Kidman tells the magazine. “He wants that boy. Katie?”

According to a friend, Cruise and Holmes are more than willing to take up the challenge. “Katie and Tom very much want another baby,” the magazine’s source says. “Absolutely nothing would make Tom happier.”

Better get to it, you two lovebirds. If you want to make a baby, there’s only one way to go about it.

Okay, well, maybe two.