Larry King’s Wife Is a Cougar

CNN interview host Larry King is a man whose younger wife is 48 years old, and she’s a cougar.

According to the National Enquirer, Shawn King, the 74-year-old talk-show legend’s comparatively young trophy, has engaged in a year-long extramarital affair with 29-year-old Hector Penate.

Penate is a credited actor. He’s appeared on one episode of King of Queens and two of South Beach. He also, reportedly, gave an inspired performance atop Larry King’s personal work space.

“Shawn and Hector were so brazen in their adulterous tryst,” according to the Enquirer’s investigation, that “they even made love on the talk show host’s desk at home.”

The good times seem to have unraveled when Shawn’s Vicodin addiction caught up with her. Some druggy sloppiness led to King confronting Penate.

Penate initially met the couple as baseball coach to their son. The only question unanswered: what could possibly cause a woman to betray Larry King?

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