Rowling: Harry & Hermione Almost Got It On!

Just because the last word has been written doesn’t mean author/phenom JK Rowling is done dropping bombs.

After we’ve all digested Dumbeldore’s sexual orientation, Rowling busts out a potential love triangle that will rock Harry Potter fans to the core—main character Harry and brainy beauty Hermione Granger carry secret torches for one another.

During a recent sitdown, Rowling confessed that Hermione “shared something very instense with Harry,” and that thing indeed “could’ve gone that way.”

And by “that way” we all know she means teeanged wizard school boom-boom!

But what about that loveable ginger Ron?

“Ron and Hermione have this combative but mutual attraction. They will always bicker, there will always be rough edges there, but they are pulled together, each has something the other needs,” she said.

At least we know she’s got material for a sequal series should the impossible happen and her cash cow wind up milked.