George Clooney Scrubbing In For Surgery on ‘ER’?

Star reports that NBC’s long-running (some say a little too long) series ER closes down the hospital this year, and original cast member Noah Wyle notes that breakout star George Clooney will resume his role as the original Dr. McDreamy for the series finale.

“From what I heard, George said, ‘Absolutely,’ schedule permitting,” Wyle says.

This would probably be news to Clooney, as it was previously reported that he had said “no” to the request to return.

Clooney’s last appearance on the show was a surprise to millions in 1998 when he secretly showed up for cast member Julianna Margulies’ last episode.

ER is pulling out all the stops for the final season. Anthony Edwards is coming back despite his character having died, and so is Eriq LaSalle. No word on whether Marguiles or any other originals will be pushing gurneys.

On a related note, news came earlier this week that ER creator Michael Crichton passed away.