Jennie Garth Is In It for the Long Haul

Jennie Garth, recently having settled down in the 90210 zip code once more, says that divorce from Twilight star Peter Facinelli is an impossibility.

“Today I went to Coffee Bean and got him a drink—just keeping your partner in mind,” Garth tells OK!. “In this industry, there’s always going to be someone more beautiful out there. It’s easy to be tempted. I’m not interested in taking the easy way out. Divorce is not an option for us. I want to be with my family.”

Garth, who was married previously, has three daughters with Facinelli: Luca Bella, 11, Lola Ray, 5, and Fiona Eve, 2.

As for Garth’s alter ego’s love life, her 90210 character “Kelly Taylor” would seem to welcome a visit from Luke Perry’s “Dylan McKay.” After all, it was recently revealed that Dylan sired Kelly’s son! Gasp!

“There are lots of rumors, but I don’t know. I know that I would love it more than anything and I know that he’s the father of Kelly’s baby. I was like, ‘Really? Okay, wow!'”

She also claims to have tried to text former arch-rival Shannen Doherty since Shannen last appeared on the show, but claims, “I couldn’t find her number!”

A likely story.

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