Leo to Zac: ‘Not so Fast, Pretty Boy!’

Leonardo DiCaprio is awfully territorial about his status as one of Hollywood’s reigning hunks.

Yesterday, Fox News issued a report saying that the Titanic actor was ready to relinquish his heartthrob status to High School Musical beefcake Zac Efron.

Supposedly speaking while promoting his latest movie Body of Lies in London, DiCaprio was quoted as saying, “I look at young Zac Efron and think, ‘Go get it, pal, leave me in peace.’ I was never happy with the teen idol tag at all—never wanted to be a sex symbol or all that stuff.”

E! Online reports today that Leo’s rep says the story—since pulled from Fox’s Web site—is “100 percent made up,” adding, “Leo never talked to this guy.”

Last month, Efron told Entertainment Weekly that he’d love to talk to DiCaprio and other show-biz A-listers so that that he could “pick their brains about their early careers.”

Guess Leo has some advice for him after all. Namely, “Back off!”

DiCaprio has reason to protect his sex-symbol status. After all, the title has its privileges.