Naomi Campbell Booed by Fellow Passengers

The New York Daily News reports that anger management expert Naomi Campbell skipped ahead of 200 people in a security line at JFK Airport in New York City on Tuesday morning.

Naomi was allegedly booed by all of the people she skipped.

Perhaps they felt a false sense of safety because armed airport security was around.

“An older lady was about to have her passport checked, but she was told to wait so Naomi could go first,” says a source. “It pissed off a lot of people.”

“She was not treated any differently than any other high-profile individual. It’s done for security reasons, so high-profile passengers aren’t besieged by people,” said a rep for Naomi.

Face it—Naomi was pushed forward so she wouldn’t flip her receding hairline and start striking people and spitting.

New Yorkers are tough. But they are advised to lift the velvet rope for Ms. Campbell and urge, “No, sweetie you go, please. Just don’t hit me.”