‘Twilight’ Eclipses ‘Quantum of Solace’ at Box Office

Looks like Robert Pattinson can stop sweating about the future of his film career.

USA Today’s “Lifeline Live” reports that more than 100 shows have already been sold out for Twilight’s November 21 premiere. The vampire saga is accounting for nearly two-thirds of overall ticket sales, according to ticket vendor Fandango.

This could be bad news for Twilight’s cinematic competition, the new James Bond thriller Quantum of Solace, which is raking in a paltry 6 percent of ticket sales.

Poor Daniel Craig; after all the blood and sweat he poured into the new Bond flick, he’s being commercially bested by a bunch of bloodsuckers half his age. Though it’s never a wise move to count James Bond out—he may be wounded, but he’s not licked yet.

Time will tell which flick will emerge victorious.

In the meantime, click through the gallery on the right for photos from Entertainment Weekly’s triple-cover issue devoted to Twilight.