VIDEO: Britney and Madonna Reunite Onstage!

As predicted, Madonna used her considerable muscle to bring the star power to her concert at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium last night.

The performance featured a cameo by Madge’s long-time pal Britney Spears, along with Justin Timberlake. (Alas, Brit and JT, a onetime couple and possible future collaborators, performed separately.)

MSNBC reports that Spears emerged onstage during the last verse of “Human Nature” to finish out the tune with with her old pal. Check out the video below:

Near the end of the show, Timberlake popped out to perform “4 Minutes” with Madonna.

As Spears wrapped up her duet with Madonna, Madge declared, “I’m not your bitch!” After which she pointed at Britney and added, “She’s not your bitch.”

A bitch? Perhaps not, Madonna. But Celebuzz has irrefutable proof that Britney Spears can be a total witch at times.