VIDEO: Will Smith Does Crying Game on ‘Oprah’

America’s top action star Will Smith actually admits he shed tears upon hearing Barack Obama had won the Presidential election.

Will went on Oprah Winfrey’s show Thursday to promote his new film Seven Pounds. But when talk moved to Obama, “O” asked him if he cried upon the Illinois senator’s win.

“I don’t be cryin’ and stuff, Oprah,” the Hitch star joked. “But, listen, I was—”

Before he could finish, he dropped to the floor and mock-cried, pounding his hand on the carpet.

Wonder if Winfrey got nervous, thinking she had another Tom Cruise-type situation on her hands?

Check out the knee-slapping hilarity below:

Will Smith on Oprah

Oh, that Will Smith. He’s worth every penny.

Maybe he was really crying because he wasn’t invited to Obama’s big victory party?