Winner Vs. Loser: Britney Spears Blasts Amy Winehouse

Britney Spears’ comeback keeps getting bigger and better! As the December 2 album release of Circus approaches, the mother of two is keeping her schedule jam packed:

  • She hit the stage with the Queen of Pop for the first time in years! Wonder if any Katy Perry-esque sparks flew?
  • Two major magazine covers feature the starlet in super sexy poses—who cares if they’re old pics? She’s on her way back!
  • The paparazzi queen managed to fool her old BFFS on Halloween! She went as a witch and was not wearing a white wig!
  • Her label released the cover art and track list for the album, and it looks like it will be her best ever!

When, oh, when will Amy Winehouse learn? Every time things look like they’re on the up and up, she proves the believers wrong: