Are Aubrey O’Day’s 15 Minutes Over and Done With?

Did anyone even know who Aubrey O’Day was before she engaged in a very public girl-on-girl smooch with socialite Lydia Hearst? The chances are slim.

Aubrey, formerly of the Diddy-created, all-girl singing group, Danity Kane, has taken every measure imaginable to milk the minimal amount of fame she’s achieved.

She saw famous lesbians were getting attention; so she kissed a girl.  She took into account the tiny dog fad; so she took it up a notch and toted her multi-colored dog to a red carpet event

Her efforts were rewarded with brutal criticism from the press and a pissed off P.Diddy, who ultimately decided that Aubrey’s ego and hunger for fame had just gotten too big for the band.

With no band and a relatively humiliating public image, what will Aubrey do to keep from vanishing into utter obscurity with the rest of the forgotten has-beens?

Cough cough, reality show, cough cough!

It’s only a matter of time before Aubrey pops up on the blogs doing something ridiculous once again.