Jennifer Aniston: Is She or Isn’t She?

Jennifer Aniston has created an image for herself as being notoriously unlucky in love.  With a number of failed relationships, and one tragic divorce, the lovable starlet has been inching closer to the big 4-0 without anyone significant to share her life with.

Enter John Mayer. Jen began dating the studly singer last April, and it seemed as though her luck were about to change. Intimate dinners, romantic vacations and public displays of affection had the public thinking that this could be it for her; that John could be “the one.”

The temporary end of Maniston came in August, and sympathetic Jen fans wondered if the starlet would ever find love!

Then came the questionable headlines that shocked the world! Jen and John Are Back Together! Jen Is Pregnant with John’s Baby! Jen Trapped John Into Getting Her Pregnant!  Jen Has Set the Date!

With none of these rumors confirmed, the desperate search for answers continues to grow!

True or false? Fact or fiction? Will the world ever know?