Remember When: Suri Cruise Almost Didn’t Exist?

The world was totally surprised when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hooked up and got hitched, but the real shocker came when Katie gave birth to their daughter, Suri Cruise, on April 18, 2006.

The whole ordeal seemed like it was a conspiracy straight out of a movie. Many believed Katie was never pregnant to begin with, and the couple was scrambling to adopt a baby that looked like Tom. Then Suri’s birth certificate was leaked—with incorrect information. Plus, no one saw the mystery baby for months after the birth!

Finally, the couple unveiled their beautiful baby girl in a huge Vanity Fair cover-spread, shot by the ever-dramatic Annie Leibovitz.

The oddly-dressed couple has more than made up for Suri’s absence, as they tote her around for paparazzi like a prized trophy. Suri hits the shops. Suri at the park. Suri fighting with her dad. Suri with her friends (just dolls, don’t worry about it).

She can do it all, folks!