Australia Says ‘G’Day!’ to ‘High School Musical 3′

Leonardo DiCaprio sex-symbol successor Zac Efron led the rest of the High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast along the red carpet at the Sydney, Australia, premiere of their smash hit Sunday night at the Greater Union George Street Cinemas.

One question though—what’s with the white dresses? Is Efron’s girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens gunning for a proposal from him? Is Ashley Tisdale backing Vanessa up reminder-wise with that doily ensemble?

The Tis also changed her hair-color to a reddish-brown. Is this for a movie, or is she trying to be more serious? She has been looking a little pensive lately.

After racing the red carpet in Sydney, the kids and director Kenny Ortega fly off to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, to give South Yarra’s Jam Factory movie complex their first look at the last film in the HSM trifecta.