Evan Rachel Wood: Channeling Dita Von Teese?

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but perhaps Evan Rachel Wood is being a little too complementary in what looks blatantly like a Dita Von Teese impersonation.

Given how effortlessly Dita rebounded from her year-long marriage to Marilyn Manson, Wood is well advised in copying the glamour gal. The young actress dated Manson following his divorce from Von Teese.

At Sunday night’s Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards Ceremony in Hollywood, 21-year-old Evan showed off new chocolate locks and a flirty free spirit.

Celebuzz spotted her introduction to Brick star Joseph Gordon Levitt. The two hit it off famously at the ceremony, traipsing around together to chat with the likes of Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish, Jonah Hill and Shauna Robertson and Survivor: Gabon’s Corinne Kaplan.

After three hours of getting to know each other, the pair were caught once again, sneaking from the top floor of the awards venue to the street level via a service stairwell, before heading off into the night—together.

If shadowing Miss Von Teese means a more carefree Wood, by all means, bring on the garter belts and wonder bras.