Guy Ritchie and Rachel McAdams Do Coffee Talk

Guy Ritchie and Rachel McAdams Do Coffee Talk-photo

What could Guy Ritchie and Rachel McAdams have in common to discuss on a coffee break from shooting their film Sherlock Holmes at London's Smithfield Cafe yesterday?

Maybe it was his breakup. Maybe it was hers.

Perhaps Guy was trying to sober up and Rachel was simply offering him a steady hand to balance himself with?

Then again, they might have been dishing over Robert Downey Jr.'s firecrotch.

Or, they could just be boinking.



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  • Becka

    Thats not Rachel McAdams!!! Plus Rachel's hair is brown

  • Courtney

    This is Guy's assistant. I went to college with her in California. Super cool chica.

  • buzzgent

    Which boy hooker is with GUy in this picture again?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Good for you, Guy! After seven years with Madonna, dipping your peener into a scalding-hot cup of Starbucks would probably be an improvement.