Kanye West Marks His Territory

The Sun reports that camera-smacker Kanye West decided he couldn’t wait to get to a toilet backstage at the MTV Europe Awards in Liverpool on Friday, so he urinated on the floor of his dressing room.

Maybe it’s because he was forced to share a dressing room with the Ting Tings?

Kanye can be a little egotistical. Perhaps the division of preening and primping space annoyed him.

Ting Ting’s drummer Jules De Martino confirmed the abrupt golden shower.

“We ask for a lot of unusual things on our backstage rider, but that ain’t one of them!”

West was at the awards ceremony to collect the Ultimate Urban gong, and appeared at a celeb-heavy party at Liverpool’s Carling Academy the night before.

No word on whether he eschewed the urinals there as well.

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