Kid Rock & Uma Thurman Unlikely Party Pals in Germany

It doesn’t sit well with us either, the sight of eccentric A-lister Uma Thurman boozing and smoking with the likes of bad boy Kid Rock. But hey, Uma’s gotta do something with her evenings

The unlikey club-fellows hit up nightspot The Felix in Berlin, Germany, after both made an appearance on national hit talkshow Wetten Das.

What’s more unsettling? Uma’s nod to her host country by arranging milkmaid in her blonde locks, the cigarette Kid Rock is about to light or their general bonding vibe when you know a David Hasselhoff remix is pumping though the venue?

Despite the bizarre scene, we’re sure it’s good news that Kid has been getting some culture of late, and some pals with higher profiles.

What’s next, Kid? A little yachting with the Lake Como crowd?