Morning Frills #92: ‘The Girls From Ipanema’ Edition

Say what you will about Brazil, the country definitely has pride in its heritage.

Earlier this year, Brazilian media mogul Nizan Guanaes announced his plan to launch Claro Rio Summer, an annual, weeklong event intended to refocus attention on the country that gave the world the thong bikini.

And last week, that dream came to fruition at Forte de Copacabana in Rio De Janeiro, as 16 leading representatives of Brazil’s $1.5 billion swimwear industry showcased next year’s fare. The results pretty much speak for themselves. The collection of abbreviated swimwear designs wowed spectators coming and going. There was even a little something for the ladies because, hey, that’s just the way they roll in Rio. They’re cool like that.

Click through the gallery on the right for a full, fleshy pictorial essay on this year’s Claro Rio Summer. It’s Brazil-liant!