Natalie Portman Has a Case of the Mondays

Hi, Natalie Portman, it’s Celebuzz.

Couldn’t help but notice that you seem a little blue on the New York set of your next movie, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.

Is the title of the movie—a romantic comedy about an aspiring lawyer who hooks up with her married senior partner, only to end up pregnant  with his child—bringing back painful memories of your own failed attempts at lasting love?

Or are you preoccupied with worry that, like every other actress filming in New York, you’re going to have a goofy hat stuck on your head and be made to pretend to like it?

Whatever the problem is, you seem to feel like life is dumping all over you right now.

Cheer up, Natalie; a girl as smart as you should realize that, no matter how grim things seem to be, there’s always a bright side to life.