Nicole Kidman Is Getting a Sex Change

Nicole Kidman (long since gone from under Tom Cruise’s diminutive shadow) and watch warrior Charlize Theron are set to star as husband and wife (yes, that’s right).

Their transgender onscreen romance, The Danish Girl, is based on a true story.

Sharon Osbourne favorite Kidman and Theron will portray Danish artists Einar (Kidman) and Greta (Theron) Wegener. Einar, Greta’s husband, stood in for one of Greta’s female models. The Einar portraits as a woman became so popular that Greta urged her husband to go all the way with a sex change.

This was very advanced role-playing for 1931.

Intriguing! Nicole Kidman as a male?

Shopgirl director Anand Tucker will direct the script, written by Lucinda Coxon. It’s based on a 2000 bestseller by David Ebershoff. Pre-production has begun, but no shooting date is scheduled.

Nicole and Charlize have rocked the controversial roles with prosthetics before (The Hours, Monster) and won Oscars for their daring.

Will this flick be as audience-jolting as that moment in Transamerica when say-anything Felicity Huffman pees behind the car?