Pierce Brosnan Puts Charlize Theron in Jolie's Sites

Pierce Brosnan Puts Charlize Theron in Jolie's Sites-photo

Looks like Angelina Jolie's bag-of-bones physique isn't the only thing keeping her from signing on for the upcoming Thomas Crown Affair sequel.

Crown star Pierce Brosnan tells People magazine that he'd prefer to make screen time with Charlize Theron instead of Brad Pitt's lady.

"Charlize Theron is someone who I've always admired. I think she's someone who has acquitted herself grandly," the Disney-lovin' former James Bond says. "Nothing against Angelina Jolie. I think she's a magnificent actress. But Charlize has an inner strength and femininity which I really like to watch."

Uh-oh; maybe the South African-born actress and World's Leading Authority on Everything should consider hiring on extra bodyguards. Angelina Jolie has no qualms about avenging perceived wrongs, and she has a pretty rough-and-tumble posse to back her up.

Brosnan might do well to proceed with caution as well; Charlize might be a joy to watch, but she has a reputation for being a little flaky.



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  • cb007

    There's nothing wrong with 'FLAKY' It takes the 'SERIOUSNESS" of life from bordering on "BORING'

  • patrickdawson

    I'm curious if anyone can answer this question. About a year ago there was a story of Pierce Brosnan having a half sister. From the story, I gathered that Mr.Brosnan dismissed the woman's requests for a DNA, and he told the press "no comment" when asked if she was his sister. If the man was a politician or a public official; the press would never have let it go with a "no comment". So I'm curious as to why they seem to let Mr.Brosnan off the hook. Does the press know? That same woman is often seen in the same places as Mr. Brosnan in Malibu. While they don't talk to each other, they do acknowledge each others presence, with a nod or whatever.He doesn't treat the woman like a criminal or a stalker, there's even a picture of Mr.Brosnan with the woman's daughter circulating on the internet. http://www.zimbio.com/Pierce+Brosnan/pictures/5/Pierce+Brosnan+Pictures#1 So clearly there is much more to this story than the press is willing to find out.I wonder why?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Charlize Theron once stole my milk money. She's not to be trusted.