Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish: Date Night

Looks like a certain Stop Loss pair are still a go.

Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish stepped out last night for Hamilton’s Behind the Camera Awards presented by Hollywood Life Magazine.

Phillippe, 34, was on hand to present a trophy to his Loss director, Kimberly Pierce, while 26-year-old Cornish played the dutiful girlfriend.

“Ryan was treated like royalty,” a ceremony-goer tells Celebuzz, “meeting the Hamilton honchos and international press. Abbie hung around sipping vodka.”

Still, the spy insists, whenever they could steal an intimate moment, they looked “comfortable and attentive.”

Speaking of comfortable, Anne Hathaway made herself right at home at the ceremony, held in the heart of Hollywood in a studio just above the Kodak Theater.  Anne seemed trouble-free, sipping Dos Equis and palling around with Rachel Getting Married scribe Jenny Lumet.

Hathaway flew solo to the shindig, though reports suggest she’s licking her Follieri wounds with a new beau.

Missing her main man was Judd Apatow producer Shauna Robertson. She’s Ed Norton’s longtime lady friend, yet Ed was nowhere to be seen when Robertson was honored as “Super Producer.”

Reps for Norton were contacted regarding his absence.  One source tells Celebuzz he’s currently shooting Leaves of Grass in Shreeveport, Louisiana.