Taylor Swift Got Her Panties in a Bunch

Page Six reports that Taylor Swift, 18, has one major complaint about her sudden, inescapable fame—not being able to shop for undies in peace.

As if getting dumped by Joe Jonas via phone wasn’t bad enough, now Taylor can’t buy bloomers without jealous bystanders speculating about her size. Ouch.

Democracy advocate Swift told Women’s Health magazine about a recent nightmare trip to Victoria’s Secret.

“I look up and there are, like, 15 people looking at me, with camera phones out, waiting to take a picture of which kind of underwear I’m going to buy. ‘Think she’s a small or an extra small?’ I wanted to be like, ‘Uh, guys? I can hear you!’ “

New bodyguards, Taylor. One big swift guy who can block lookee-loos from peering at your frillies. The security team with you in these photos could do better work.

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