‘The Riches’ Is Coming to the Big Screen

Good news; Minnie Driver won’t be adding to the numbers of unemployed single mothers for long.

While the FX network recently failed to renew The Riches for a third season, it looks like the Malloy crime family is being resurrected for a feature movie.

OK! Magazine’s TV Fanatic reports that series star Eddie Izzard has confirmed that a big-screen version of the series is in the works.

“I was on an elevator in London at an awards ceremony and Samuel L. Jackson looks at me and says, ‘So, what’s happening with your kid,'” Izzard recalls, referring to his onscreen spawn, Cael. “I told Samuel, ‘We don’t know at the moment.’ But I’ve posed to the heads of FX and TBS that we want to make a film. And they said, ‘Right, we’ll support you.'”

Izzard says that the proposed flick with be a “road move, shooting in Louisiana and New Mexico, everywhere that they steal. We’ll do it by the skin on our teeth.”

As for financing for the project, Izzard hopes to raise the necessary cash on the Internet.

Smart move, Eddie; fundraising on the Web has led to a lot of success stories lately.