Fergie’s Weighty Confession

Rejoice—the extra bulk that Fergie has packed on recently isn’t the result of a baby bump!

The Black Eyed Peas sex bomb and county-fair favorite piled on a few pounds for her role in the upcoming film Nine.  She plays an apparently pudgy hooker, according to Us Magazine.

“I’ve actually gained ten pounds!” Fergie explained to reporters Monday. “No, really—for the film, Nine. Actually, 13 to be exact.”

So what was her secret to this miraculous weight gain?

“I ate everything!” Fergie offers. “Fish and chips. Everything fried.”

The singer, born Stacy Ferguson, didn’t say whether she consulted with other celebrities in her quest for a spare tire.

Alas, even with Thanksgiving approaching, Fergie laments that it’s time to slim back down. “I have to give it up! So, yeah—I’m in that phase!” she says. “Back to Diet Designs—my food delivery service!”

Umm, food delivery service? Wouldn’t she drop the pounds quicker if she actually jogged outdoors to fetch her own vittles? Then again, maybe the delivery service she’s referring to is her fiancé, Josh Duhamel.