Jennifer Aniston Vs. Angelina Jolie: Verbal Catfight

While the world is in a frenzy wondering whether or not Jennifer Aniston is actually pregnant, the actress is purposely inciting a bit of drama on an old score.

Life & Style notes that in Jen’s December Vogue interview, she tosses out fightin’ words toward husband-stealing Angelina Jolie.

“What Angelina did was very uncool,” snipes Aniston, referring to the fact that her then very much married husband, Brad Pitt, was poached by Angie while Jolie and Pitt filmed 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Apparently, this is the first time the Friends star has slagged Angelina by name for publication.

About time.  After all, everyone else is mad at her, too, Jen.

Because since Angie’s sin, the world has watched you make one bad relationship mistake after another. After another. After another