Morning Buzz:

Another Dancing with the Stars cast member has been injured. TMZ reports professional dancer Kym Johnson, who is NFL player Warren Sapp’s partner, has received a shoulder injury that will require surgery. Johnson reportedly still performed last night.

TMZ has footage of The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke using a gay slur while talking to paparazzi outside of Hyde in Los Angeles on Sunday night. When photographers asked if he was dating co-star Evan Rachel Wood, Rourke (accompanied by an unidentified blonde) responded with “Do I look like I’m dating Evan Rachel Wood this evening, guys? C’mon, get a grip. She’s a good friend, that’s about it.” Rourke than threatened “And tell that [gay slur] who said all that [expletive] in the paper, I’d like to break his [expletive] legs.”

The Associated Press reports that Alaskan governor and former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin spent Saturday sorting through her campaign trail clothing to determine which ones were purchased by the Republican National Committee. The clothes in question will reportedly go to back charity, be returned to stores such as Neiman-Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, or be paid for by Palin, according to sources. “She was just frantically … trying to sort stuff out,” Palin’s father Chuck Heath said. “That’s the problem, you know, the kids lose underwear, and everything has to be accounted for. Nothing goes right back to normal.” Palin, her presidential running mate John McCain and the RNC faced criticism when it was reported that Palin’s clothing budget had exceeded $150,000. “Those are the RNC’s clothes. They’re not my clothes. I never forced anybody to buy anything,” Palin said Friday.

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