Rihanna and Chris Brown Frown Down Under

Chris Brown and his Princely gal pal Rihanna are still on tour in Australia, where Ri-Ri passed out on stage while performing last week.

Here they are with their bodyguard at the Perth airport.

Why the long faces, kids? Surely you must both be jazzed about the multiple People’s Choice Awards you’ve been nominated for?

Rihanna is up for Favorite Pop Song (“Disturbia”), Favorite R&B Song (“Take a Bow”) and Favorite Female Singer.

Chris received nods for Favorite Combined Forces (“No Air,” with Jordin Sparks), Favorite Male Singer, Favorite R&B Song (“With You”) and Favorite Pop Song (“No Air”).

Ohhh, okay. Now the dour looks make sense…you’re competing with each other in two categories.

Hopefully one of you doesn’t end up with a bruised ego!