Vanessa Williams Talks Lindsay Lohan’s Pink Slip

Following Lindsay Lohan’s unceremonious ousting from Ugly Betty two episodes shy of her originally-planned six-show stint, cast member Vanessa Williams cautiously spilled some dish.

OK! caught Williams at Monday night’s Mayor’s Awards ceremony at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

“We’re such a tight cast, and a well-oiled machine, that to jump on and to rise to the occasion is the true test,” she said. 

Yeah, yeah, baby, get to the scandal!

“And I think Lindsay playing the part that she did, which was Kimmy—kind of a bratty high school nightmare for Betty—I think she did her part.”


America [Ferrera] is the consummate professional. So if you don’t come with the same drive and panache…I think that’s were the unbalance was.”

A-ha! Now we’re cookin’!

Are you trying to say Lindsay’s mind was somewhere else when she was on the Ugly Betty set, Vanessa? That she wasn’t giving it her 110% because she was preoccupied?

“I think by the time Lindsay was finished, she loved us and she wanted to stay longer.”

Yeah, right. Too bad the feeling doesn’t seem to have been mutual.