Adam Sandler: Daddy Dearest Times Two

People reports that comedian Adam Sandler’s wife Jackie gave birth to their second child on Nov. 2.

“Jackie and Adam had a beautiful baby girl, Sunny Madeline on November 2,” according to his website. “Everyone is happy and healthy.”

Sandler, 42, and the missus, 34, are already parents to Sadie, 2, who was born in May of 2006. The Sandlers have been married since 2003.

Sunny and Sadie? They sound like a children’s puppeteer troupe.

Sandler recently summed up his wife’s pregnancy on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno using these immortal words: “My little daughter is always looking at her and is nervous to see her mom sick like that. So I had I try to relax my daughter, just saying, ‘Mommy’s not like bad sick. She just has something growing in her that’s eventually gonna shoot out her vagina and take half your toys’. “

That’s certainly one way to look at it.

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