Cheryl Burke Spins Gracefully Off ‘DWTS’

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars was a melancholy one, as fan favorites Cheryl Burke (one of the winning dancers in DWTS’ 2nd and 3rd season) and Maurice Green were voted off the ballroom dancefloor.

“It’s a lot of ups and downs. But at the end of every rollercoaster, you always feel good!” the 34-year-old former Olympic sprinting gold medalist Green told Us.

As for Burke, 24, she revealed that Green was able to help her through some tough times during this seventh season of the hit hoofing show.

“He’s been a great influence in my life in that way, with all the other crap that’s been put out about me this season, the last thing I want to do is go into the studio and work. But he made me look forward to doing it every day and put a smile on my face and made me forget about all that other crap.”

Professional dancers Louis Van Amstel and Maksim Chmerkovski publicly criticized Burke’s alleged weight gain last month.

Green didn’t seem to be having any problems lifting and spinning her around.

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