First Look: Wyclef’s On-the-Spot Song for Venus

How sweet it is to be an Iconoclast with you.

As part of the recurring Sundance Channel series, where two esteemed personalities are paired to just let genius happen, Wyclef Jean and Venus Williams go head to head this Thursday.

The result is some balling (both tennis and basketball are ventured by super-athletic Williams and half pint visionary Jean to results that are all-too predictable) and a serious jam session.

So serious that Jean made up a little ditty right on the spot for the title winner.

“Her name was Venus, Master of the Universe,” Jean croons to Serena’s sister, “I am so humbled in the presence of a goddess.”

“The song that he wrote for me, I thought it was some surprise he had planned for me maybe, that he had the song ready but he was just free-flowing,” she said of the little rhyme.

Witness it here:

Don’t worry, Venus, this isn’t his first time out of the gate.