Kim Kardashian Will Meet 'Your Mother' Too

Kim Kardashian Will Meet 'Your Mother' Too-photo

Recent birthday girl Kim Kardashian will be shooting an episode of How I Met Your Mother that's set to air in January, the reality star reveals on, her official site.

"I play a woman on a cover of a magazine who comes to life," she says. "And yes, I play myself."

This follows the wonderful news that stylish couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will also be appearing on Mother.  And, as it turns out, they'll be on the same episode as Kim.

"I don't know if I will actually see them because we aren't in the same scene," Kardashian, 28, points out.

Although she just finished shooting the third season of her own E! Network series, Kim is still eager to expand her TV experience.  "I think the show is totally hilarious and I am so excited to hang out on set with the whole cast to see what the vibe is like in real life!"

Well, after last season's Britney Spears guest stint on the CBS series, you're certainly following in some fancy footsteps, Kim!



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  • Daria

    While I adore my new Vizio flatscreen, if I have to watch another non-celebrity try to suck another second of fame out of a once good show, I think I will throw it out the window!!!

  • Bitchy Bitch
    Bitchy Bitch

    SUCK. She is too stupid to breathe.

  • buzzgent

    Oh, goodie! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Soon to be followed by a spin-off series titled "How My Enormous Ass Suffocated Your Mother."

  • elite90

    kim looks soo hott! it's good to see her geting into more acting oppurtunities Good job KIM!!!!!!!