Michael Jackson Has Beat It From Neverland

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch will apparently be known by that name nevermore.

The 2,800-acre property is located in Los Olivos, in California’s Santa Barbara County. Jackson purchased it from entrepreneur William Bone and opened Neverland in 1988.

TMZ reports that official court documents show Neverland’s title was transferred to Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC yesterday.

“Sycamore is a joint venture between Michael Jackson and a division of a company called Colony Capital,” notes the site. “Colony Capital owns the Las Vegas Hilton, the Red Rock Country Club, and other Las Vegas properties… Colony Capital bailed Jacko out by buying his $23.5 million Neverland mortgage.”

TMZ goes on to speculate as to whether Jackson will now begin performing at the the Hilton in Vegas as part of the deal.

Could that be what the 50-year-old pop star was hinting at over the summer when he told Good Morning America, “I think the best is yet to come in my true humble opinion”?

If it’s true, that could also explain why Jacko was reluctant to commit to joining the reunited Jackson 5 on tour.

Stay tuned to see how this thriller pans out!