Miranda Cosgrove Is Hot on Miley’s Trail

Is Miranda Cosgrove about to displace Miley Cyrus as the reigning tween queen?

reports that the iCarly feature flick, iGo to Japan, broke ratings records for Nickelodeon on Friday, drawing 7.6 million viewers—more than the network has ever received for a live-action television movie.

The movie—which followed the overseas travels of Internet broadcaster Carly May (portrayed by 15-year-old Cosgrove), did particularly well with kids 2 to 11 and K2 to 11.

Most impressively, the movie scored the highest ratings for an entertainment show the week of November 3 through 9.

No, that’s not an earthquake you just felt; just the shaking of a very nervous Mouse over at Disney headquarters.

Maybe it’s time for you to move on to greener pastures, Miley. Because Miranda is starting to make you look a tad jank.