Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo: ‘Gossip’ Buddies

Taylor Momsen, 15, and Connor Paolo, 18, not only play friends on Gossip Girl, but they appear to be pretty chummy behind the scenes of the hit CW teen soap, too!

Connor played the young Alexander the Great in director Oliver Stone’s 2004 bio-pic Alexander, and Momsen seems to agree that he’s pretty great.

The two of them were photographed walking around the set laughing while Taylor drank a can of Red Bull.

Momsen plays Jenny Humphrey on GG. During season one, her character briefly headed toward puppy love with Paolo’s “Eric van der Woodsen.”

However, Eric was later revealed to be gay, and Jenny has since been caught up in a relationship with Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) in season two.

Hopefully tales of Taylor Momen’s bad girl ways are only rumors, and she won’t be leading Connor down a scandalous path soon!