Did Brad Pitt Tell Jennifer Aniston to Zip Her Lip?

Jennifer Aniston’s December Vogue interview is the gift that keeps on giving, as far as daily entertainment news headlines are concerned.

The latest, from the Chicago Sun-Times, quotes a source saying Brad Pitt, 44, and Angelina Jolie, 33, were ”totally thrown” by Aniston’s comment in the piece about Jolie’s husband-stealing tactics being “uncool.” 

The source adds that Brad and Angie thought Jen, 39, would have ”moved on … and wouldn’t want to reopen this old wound.”

The Sun-Times then quotes a separate source “close to the Brangelina camp” who claims Aniston’s ex “called her to complain about the Vogue piece.”

So, to get this straight, the Chicago Sun-Times is saying Brad Pitt called Jen Aniston to complain, but he’s the one who cheated.

Wonder if he’ll be tuning in to watch her interview on Oprah today?