Guy Ritchie Is Hard at Work While Rocco Plays

Cameramen are getting unusually good access to not only the cast of Sherlock Holmes while shooting in London, but also to the director’s son at home while playing!

Robert Downey Jr. (who has the role of the title character), Jude Law (“Dr. Watson”) and the Warner Bros. film’s helmer Guy Ritchie were all snapped today while traipsing around the set.

The trio have become quite chummy while making the movie.

Meanwhile, Guy and Madonna’s son Rocco, 8, has been in town since Monday. The Material Kid was clicked by the paparazzi outside his parents’ London home playing soccer…or, ahem, football.

Hopefully Ritchie is making some time for Rocco while the kid visits.

Between the long work hours and his extracurricular activities—such as drinking and socializing with Sherlock’s leading lady Rachel McAdams—Dad doesn’t really appear to be setting the best example for the conflicted little guy.