Hayden Panettiere: 'Don't Dare Call Me Lindsay!'

Hayden Panettiere: 'Don't Dare Call Me Lindsay!'-photo

Hayden Panettiere appears to be short of temper as well as stature.

The 5' 1", 19-year-old Heroes star blew a gasket in Los Angeles last week when a couple of fans mistook her for Lindsay Lohan, according to the National Enquirer.

Panettiere was leaving a boutique on Melrose Avenue when two girls approached her and yelled, "Oh, we love you! Omigod, you're so pretty in person!"

So far, so good. But things took a chill when one of the fans gaffed, "Oh, Lindsay...will you appear on Ugly Betty again?"

The case of mistaken identity sent Hayden flying off the handle, says the paper, shouting, "Don't ever call me that again!…You have no idea what an insult that is!"

Wow; Hayden seems to have had quite the change of opinion. Last year she clung so tightly to Lohan at the Capri Film Festival that people could be forgiven for wondering if they might be dating.

Mabey Hayden shouldn't be quite so insulted. It's an easy mistake to make. Let's review:

They're both blonde.

They've both dabbled in girl-on-girl dalliances.

Both of them have questionable television careers at this point.

They both have dads with a history of incarceration.

And now, as it turns out, they're both prone to diva tendencies.

If they hadn't both been seen together in the same room at that film festival, you might guess they were the same person.



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  • HaydenFan

    Don't rip on my girl Hayden. She's a talented actress, and probably just wants people to recognize her for the person that she is, and not in the likeness or shadow of another. She and Lindsay may be friends, but she stands in her own right. And her TV career, is not questionable. She so great in Heroes, and will do great in any other tv or film.

  • aliciaxo

    jajajajajaja hell yeah thats a fukin insult.. team hayden!

  • caitlin

    it's more of an insult to lindsay than anything else. she's wayyy better than no-talent hayden.

  • Cerra