Long Way to Happy Ending for ‘Australia’

Nothing like a happy Hollywood ending to ruin your fun. Just ask Baz Luhrmann, the celebrated director of forthcoming epic Australia.

The $190-million production, staring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, is apparently way off track in terms of a gratifying ending.

Page Six reports that Luhrmann is working around the clock to tidy up the pricey film because the finish isn’t that crowd pleasing.

Oprah (from whom all blessings flow) screened a rough cut of the epic for her show audience.  Apparently other industry types have caught a glimpse, too.

“Fox wanted more love scenes and development between Nicole and Hugh’s characters, so they tried to splice that in. Now it’s disjointed,” a source who caught the flick told Page Six.

Studio reps denied that anyone has seen the film save the Oprah audience, and that was a “rough, unfinished print.”

Luhrmann admitted to the Los Angeles Times that he wrote “six endings in all the drafts I did, shot three and ended up concluding the film in a way in which I—probably more than anyone—least expected.”

Celebuzz’s own Hollywood insider tells us that while the film may be on track, it shot for a full calender year, and was padded with excessive re-shoots (usually a sign of trouble).