Madonna and A-Rod: It’s Getting Juicy

Things may be spiraling into a morass of drinking and babysitting for Guy Ritchie, but as far as Madonna and her new beau Alex Rodriguez go, things couldn’t be more sticky and sweet, the New York Post reports.

The Post says the singer has told a friend that the New York Yankees third baseman “has the heart of a poet trapped inside an insanely gorgeous body.”

Apparently, the feeling goes both ways. Rodriguez has been penning “sweet, personal and rambling expressions of his feelings. Sort of like old-fashioned love notes.”

Despite the apparent mutual fondness, the 33-year-old bat swinger and the 50-year-old warbler have been coy about their relationship in public.

Late last month, the two reportedly arrived by separate helicopters for a secret rendezvous at comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s Hamptons mansion.

Hey, maybe running around in secret is just their way of keeping things fresh