Miley Cyrus Does Howard Stern

Miley Cyrus sure had a busy Thursday in New York!

First the Hannah Montana star swooped into Uptown Manhattan to appear on Live With Regis and Kelly. Then it was off to the Sirius building, to do an interview with Howard Stern.

Wait, back up here. Miley Cyrus, doing an interview with Howard Stern? Does that seem a little unseemly? Miley’s 15 years old; she shouldn’t even be listening to Howard Stern’s show, much less appearing on it.

Appropriate or not, the two have plenty to talk about

Back in April, questionably tasteful photos of Miley and her father Billy Ray Cyrus were published in Vanity FairRecently wed, 54-year-old shock jock Stern announced on his show, “The picture disturbs me. It looks like his daughter is his girlfriend. He’s trying to be hot.”

Apparently, the two camps have mended their fences. Perhaps they all got together and made nice over tasty, refreshing ice-cream cones.

No word on how the summit played out during the interview.  Calls to Stern’s reps have not yet been returned.